Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Old Sweet Time

I am so happy today after publishing my posting on Assyura. The article was done since Tuesday but I couldn't publish it due to the network problem. I really don't know what happen but I take it as a challenge for me to write more and more. What I need to now is to write offline in notepad and then transfer it to my blog. This is the most effective way that I can think of at this moment. I just want to keep the pace, momentum and consistency in blogging.

Okay, enough. Let me start with something else. Yesterday I went to my fitness centre for workout after for quite some times I do not go there. I have to admit that this is related to the momentum and consistency that I mentioned above. Maybe I got my problem to manage my time or maybe I was so lazy for past few weeks. Because of that, I got a big tummy now (this is what I feel) and I think that is a clear warning message to me to do something and get back in shape. I have to say that I really missed the time when I go for jogging twice a day in "Taman Rimba" everyday; once in the early morning and another one in the afternoon, around 6.00 pm. It is a nice place to jog as it is surrounded by Royal Golf Course, State Administration Office, Palace of State's Prince (DYMM Raja Muda) etc. I just put it very general so that it is not obvious where I jogged last time. Never mind, it is not a big deal though!

I enjoyed doing workout yesterday; made me recalled the moment when I rode my bike everyday from office to SC Tower just to maintain my fitness level. My friends said I am crazy for that; riding a bike for about 30 km+ just for workout. Because of that also I knew an Indian guy who is working at the convenient shop there. That Indian guy is very nice to me and we are friends already. I don't have any problem to read all the magazines and newspapers there and he always offered me to take back any magazines I prefer and return back to him the next day. How nice he is although we do not know each other very well and furthermore he is not the same race as me. Luckily, both of us are not racists. :)

I just realized yesterday that I did not go to my gym for quite sometimes already. The indicator is very simple; the development project next to SC Tower. The last time I went there, the progress of the project only on the ground works; piling etc but yesterday I was so surprised to see how fast the construction is. Yea, such a big project in a strategic location; golden triangle of KL with a lot of money been invested, for sure they are really serious about it. If it is another public project by the authority, I don't think the progress is the same though both projects: private and public start on the same day.

This is what we call efficiency and transparency. For private sector, efficiency and transparency transpired by the progress of the work and it speaks on its own whereby the same terminologies in public sector are indicated by rhetorical speeches and empty promises. Well, I shouldn't elaborate more on this topic. My Tionghua friend always uses the phrase "sweet talk" to describe about this rhetorical speeches and empty promises. I have nothing to say but to agree with him. :)

Monday, 29 January 2007

Assyura Day; Muharram 10

Monday is always been a busy day. What to do as it is the first working day of a week, so many thing need to be done and things to start with. Well, I got a morning meeting today followed by another meeting. Sometimes, I wonder whether we are on the right track or not because of too many meetings to attend but the results are still the same. Nothing much to expect from these time consuming meetings.

It is not too late for me to wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters "Happy Assyura Day" as today is 10th Muharram in Hijr Calendar. For those who are fasting today, I wish a barakah fasting day and may all of you get the blessing from Allah s.w.t

Actually, I thought of writing on something else but after talking to my colleague, she asked me to consider writing something on Assyura Day. Frankly speaking, I have a little idea on this but it is good for me to read more in order to have better understanding of my faith. As I mentioned in my previous posting, I always believe in information sharing as the critical success factor. So throughout this posting, I will try my best to share something on Assyura Day.

According to the history and what the scholars said, when the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) arrived in Madinah Munawwarah in 622 CE, he found that the Jews there fasted on Muharram 10 and he asked them the reason for their fasting on this day. The Jews answered, “This is a blessed day. On this day Allah saved the Children of Israel from their enemy (in Egypt) and so Prophet Musa fasted on this day giving thanks to Allah." The Prophet Muhammad said, "We are closer to Musa than you are." He then fasted on that day (Muharram 10) and commanded Muslims to fast on this day.

In the following year, Allah commanded the Muslims to fast the month of Ramadhan, and so the fasting of Assyura became optional.

It is also reported that the Prophet intended to fast on the ninth and tenth. Ibnu Abbas reported: The Messenger of Allah fasted on the day of Assyura and ordered the people to fast on it. The people said, "O Mesenger of Allah, it is a day that the Jews and Christians honour." The Prophet said, "When the following year comes, Allah willing, we shall fast on the ninth." The death of the Prophet came before the following year. (Muslim and Abu Dawud)

According to scholars, we can choose to fast Assyura on:

i. three days (ninth, tenth and eleventh);
ii. two days (ninth and tenth); or
iii. one day only (the tenth).

The Prophet said, "Fasting the day of Assyura (is of great merits), I hope Allah will accept it as an expiation for (the sins committed in) the previous year." (Muslim)

Traditionally, Assyura commemorates two major events: The day Prophet Nuh left the ark and the day Prophet Musa was saved from the Egyptians by Allah. Apart from that, Shiites, however celebrates Assyura as a major festival called the ta'ziyah, which commemorates the death of Hussein, son of Imam Ali and grandson of Prophet Muhammad, on the 10th of Muharram, 61 AH (October 10, 680 CE) in Karbala, Iraq. For Shiites, Assyura day is celebrated in rituals and observances consist primarily of public expressions of mourning and grief.

May the day of Assyura brings us a step closer to The Almighty God and may also we are blessed to carry out our duties as Caliphs on this earth. Insya Allah.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Shopping For New Year

Just back from a night market in TTDI. As usual, this night market gathers crowd from different races including Caucasians who stay nearby but the majority comes from the community of TTDI itself. Please bear in mind this is not the TTDI in Shah Alam, which was flooded last time (maybe a punishment by The Almighty God - nobody knows!).

This night market is not the focus point in this posting. It is just an introduction just like a starter before we have our main course while dining. Actually, I went to One Utama before that, just to accompany my friend for his window shopping. I never expect such a big crowd like today and 90% of them are Chinese. Each and every one of them carried at least a bag or two showing that they are serious to celebrate this coming Chinese New Year.

This year according to Chinese Calendar is a pig year and my Chinese friend said this is going to be a lazy year. Well, it is not me who said that but it came out from a pure Chinese guy. I cannot say nothing much but to agree with him. Yeah, pig in Chinese community is always been referred as a lazy animal.

Back to the shopping extravaganza, I would say that now is the time and worth to buy personal stuffs especially clothes. For every shop in the mall, this is the time for them to make a big money. People are eager and excited to prepare for their upcoming celebration; the biggest celebration for Chinese community. So, for others (other than Chinese) you can also grab and take this opportunity to buy one or two clothes with cheaper and very reasonable price.

The Power of Reading

Apart from giving my personal review on movies I watched, I do hope to share about nice books I ever read before. Just to share as I always believe that life means nothing if we don't share with others. To me, sharing is vital, important and a key factor to success in the future. We can no longer keep the information exclusively for us without sharing with others. The concept of sharing information is not only applied during our study years but it is a concept that relevant forever.

Well, what I want to share here is about reading. Since I was young, my parents encouraged me to read a lot and they always bought me storybooks for me to read. With this, I did not have chance to go out and wasting my time. What to do as both of my parents are in the education line though they are now no longer in the service. It is not a matter of what your parents do for living but how they see the future. In my case, I am quite lucky because my parents at least educate me about the good side of reading and at the same time prepared the reading materials.

Take English as the subject to discuss here. When the government introduced teaching Science and Mathematics in English in our education system, everyone commented that this move will kill the future of Malay students and they keep on arguing whether this move can be achieved or not. But what they missed out is the question of how to achieve instead of other arguments. What made me so sad is not about the arguments but those people who argue. Forget about it, as this is not my focusing point. I am far away from my initial intention for this posting.

Everyone now talks about the power of having information in hand and whether we agree or not, most of the reading materials (major source of information) are written in English; the lingua franca. Instead of wasting efforts to translate those materials in our mother tongue, it is better to improve and master the language; English. I do not agree that by mastering English and using the language in our daily life will turn us to be less patriotic. Bahasa Melayu is still has its pride, dignity and sovereignty as long as we still preserve it.

One way to master this lingua franca is by reading more in the language. Everything starts from zero but the longer we postpone to take the move, the longer we will be left behind. So, I would strongly encourage myself and anyone who read this article to read more in English. We can start by reading something light and something we have interest in. For example, reading magazines on entertainment, sports, cooking etc. or even the daily newspaper. It is better for us to start with something small rather than nothing. We can join as many courses as we want and spend a lot of money for that but if we do not read and try to improve it, we will never master the language.

Bear in mind that information is the critical success factor in this millennium and the source of information mostly comes from English. So, better take a step forward by making reading as our habit rather than keep on waiting to see people passing by us and leave us behind as incompetent persons.

Epic Movie

In my previous posting, I did mentioned about the latest movie I watched; Epic Movie. With no idea what the movie is all about, I bought a ticket and just be positive that the movie will entertain me. As usual, I went inside the cinema a bit late to skip the commercial parts.

Epic Movie is another clone of Scary Movie and the script was prepared by the combination of two out of six writers of Scary Movie. This fact I got from my reading in the movie's official website. So, nothing much can I say except the fact that this is another clone of Scary Movie.

The movie is about four unrelated orphans from different backgrounds: one raised by a museum curator at the Louvre, the second a refugee from a Mexican "libre" wrestling camp, the third a victim of snakes on her plane and the fourth a normal resident of a mutant X-community. Each of them found a ticket to visit a chocolate factory and from there, the journey of these four hapless orphans begins.

Basically, nothing much we can expect from this movie but only some cynical, funny elements. In order for you to understand the whole story, you should at least watched some movies like Nacho Libre, Snakes on a Plane, Narnia, Pirates of Caribbean, Harry Potter, Mutant-X and few others, which I couldn't recall.

Honestly, I will not recommend this movie to anyone as I labeled it as a cheap, lousy and stupid show that not worth for you to spend your money and time. Anyway, if you enjoy something like Scary Movie and just looking for something light to fill your time, you can consider watching this Epic Movie. Else, please don't go to the cinema and spend your money

Law of Nature

Back to my previous posting with the title of Sirih Pulang ke Gagang, I mentioned about few good things that had happened to me. One of those is about my outstation trip to Alor Star but unfortunately that supposed to be a good news, turned as a nightmare to me.

Honestly, I felt like my happiness was taken away from me in a very unethical manner by an irresponsible person whom I reserved to mention here. Anyhow, I am going to give some analysis on human characteristics and behaviors from my spectrum point of view through observations in my daily life. I was expecting that something might happen but not the way and how it was taken away from me.

I always believe in the law of karma; whatever u did to someone will goes back to you. It is just a matter of time and how it is going to happen. Now it happened to me because I am weak; not in position to fight back and nothing compared to the other party. Yeah, now you are in power, you have the authority and you can do whatever you feel want to do to your subordinates but the question long will it lasts?? Doesn't the karma law mentions this to you? Or you never aware about this?

Let me put this in a very simple way so that everyone of us well understood and never go against the karma. History never lies and always tells the truth. History also will prove that whatever you have done to others, you will pay back in return. Bear with me with my simple philosophy on life. Life is like a wheel. How wheel works portrays how our lives are. Wheel is round in shape and each and every one of us has the position on the wheel. We might be on top of the wheel; the highest position one can reach but we are not ever after be on the top of it as wheel by its' nature is moving and keeps on moving. Unless the wheel is no longer functioning, then only we are where we are forever. We might also be at the lowest point on the wheel and that is not our position forever. Time will change and history will witness the changes.

One can claim that history is the past and no longer relevant in the current context but whether we realize or not, history will teach us how to move forward so that we will not taking the same step as those in the past. Look around and open up your mind. Don't go too far. Just take the simple example. In any organization, everyone will respect the leader; obey the instructions, do whatever been asked to and other thing in showing the respect. Once the leader left the organization, the respect will get faded and people from time to time will forget and give their respect to the new one. Leaders come and leaders go; nobody stays forever except The Almighty. This is the process; everyone will get through it and nobody can avoid it no matter how hard they try.

I can be in the lowest position now and you are on the top of it but please bear in mind that nothing is fixed forever as this is what wheel philosophy said. May the wheel keeps on moving, changing us from one position to another until we get to our destiny. Let the karma finishes the job and does the rest. History will prove and time will be the witness.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

My Today's Diary

It is a very tiring day today as yesterday I drove all the while from my office to Port Dickson right after the office hour. Gave my lecture on public speaking and communication for a group of 70 participants at 8.30 pm until 10.30 pm. Quite enjoyed though a bit tired and today I woke up early in the morning for another 2 hours session of another presentation. Felt like wanna cancel everything and continue lazing in bed but I couldn't do that as I already promised to the organizer much earlier.

Had my breakfast in an old colonial design bungalow in Sunggala Camp, PD; an army camp for Armor Regiment. With lazy mood, I drove to the Straits Resorts for another 2 hours lecture. The lecture was smooth though the topic is dry and little bit heavy. After the lecture, I went back to my lodging place in Sunggala Camp and had my lunch there. Drove back from PD around 1.00 pm and reached home almost 2.00 pm. Had my nap as I was damn tired and sleepy.

Woke up at 4.00 pm and had my shower. I went to Mid Valley for a property exhibition. Though they occupied 3 halls for the whole exhibition, there's nothing much to see compared to MAPEX. Was thinking of watching movie but no nice to watch and moreover just watched Epic Movie last two days.

Now, I am online and try to publish few postings to cover the rest of the week. Too bad as I cannot publish any from my office due to the connection failure; I am the only one affected!! Sounds strange but it's true...Anyway, I have to thank the network and security person, NK for her help and support. Without her support, I might face more difficulties in dealing with the connection etc.

Now is almost 1.30 am and I think it is the time for me to be in my dreamland after completing 3 articles in a row.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Blood Diamond

Just want to share with you guys about the second latest movie I watched on last Saturday nite; Blood Diamond. At first, when I bought a ticket for 9:00 pm show of Blood Diamond in the Cathay Cineplex, I thought this movie will just be another entertaining movie to fill my lonely nite. Well, I have to admit that watching movies in the cinema gives me pleasure and satisfaction rather than watching pirated version of VCD or DVD (please take note that I cannot afford to buy the original version with no intention to support this piracy industry).

Honestly, I have to admit that I really enjoy watching this movie of two and a half hours duration. I have to stress the word 'enjoy' here cos I can easily fall to sleep while watching movies at nite :p Well, back to this movie directed by Edward Zwick and anchored by Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Connelly, I found out that this movie is so special to me compared to other movies I watched before. Most importantly, I had no chance at all to fall into sleep throughout the show, which I normally did before.

Let me give my quick reviews on this movie. The subject is about the smuggling of diamond from the source country, Sierra Leone to the main trader in London through Liberia with the background of chaotic situation in Sierra Leone. This movie is all about Danny Archer (Leonardo Di Caprio), an ex-mercenary and Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), a local fisherman who works hard to support his family. They share the same mission to recover a rare pink diamond; the stone with a very high value that can transform one's life. Another main character in this movie is Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly), an idealistic American journalist who is in the mission to reveal the truth behind the diamond industry. These three mentioned characters play important roles in the movie.

If you are looking a combination of elements; action, values, humanity etc., this movie will suit you the best. I was touched with the character of Solomon Vandy. He tried his very best to save his family especially after his only son was kidnapped by the militia group. Too sad and touched to see how the militia recruited and trained the innocent kids to be part of their organization. The kids were trained to be anti-establishment and brutal until the extend of killing their own families. The survival, courage and loving characteristics portrayed by the character of Soloman Vandy really turned me on and made me really admire the character.

Well, what made this movie so interesting to me is about the way the subject been discussed in a very meaningful way. It is not only entertaining but this movie is far away beyond that. It touched on the humanity aspects as well as the ugliness of greedy people who are in power. We can learn many things from the movie but I just want to highlight few main points here:

i. Poverty can lead to chaotic and disaster.
ii. Weak leadership with no direction is one of the main contributing
factors to the instability and chaotic situation

Finally, you can judge yourself by watching this movie and to me, you will not regret at all. Absolutely!! Happy viewing....

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Sirih Pulang ke Gagang

Back to the first day of Hijr calendar, few good things had happened to me out of my expectation. This might resulted from the barakah of Awal Muharam or just happened coincidentally. Whatever it is, I am grateful for that. This might be a good start for me this year and boosted my enthusiasm spirit to work hard in achieving all my dreams and targets for this year.

Firstly, I got a phone call from a friend whom I met coincidentally in AnCasa Resort AllSuites PD last year during my survey for department's team building program. He asked me whether I am interested to be a speaker for his event. Undoubtedly, I agreed to his invitation, as this will allow me to earn some extra pocket money. Later, I received the official letter from the organizer. I was like in a cloud nine for the entire day though a bit disappointment in me, which resulted from the ban of blogspot.

While driving back from office, I received another phone call from my colleague (different department) and he asked me whether I am interested to go outstation to Alor Star for a week. Wah, what a nice invitation!! Another good news for me and definitely I answered yes to his invitation though I need to wait for official letter and approval from my boss. That is another issue. Outstation in Alor Star means a lot to me. I can stay at home (it is my hometown), visit my parents and spend time with them. I planned to go back last week but could not make it due to some reasons. So, this is the best chance for me else I have to wait for the CNY to go back. My mum is not feeling well especially after 'the accident' and the doctor said she is having a bronchitis problem despite of high blood pressure and few other illnesses. Apart from that, I can see the condition of our house after the accident.

Anyway, I am looking forward for the coming days especially my outstation trip in Alor Star. It is not just a normal outstation but it will be a very meaningful ones as Malay proverb said as "Sirih Pulang ke Gagang".

Is Blogging a Sin?

It has been few days I do not publish any posting after the first. People might think that I am a type of guy who is not serious in doing things; in Malay we called it as "hangat-hangat tahi ayam". It can be true and it can also be the opposite way. Let me just share with you what was happened to me in the last few days or to be more exact on the first day I start blogging; Muharram 1, 1428H.

I was so eager on that day to have my own blog after quite some times being a passionate reader to others. Published my first posting around 11 am and saved another post as a draft. Just thinking of publishing it after I came back from my Friday prayer. I thought it would be more meaningful to me to do so. :) I never tell anyone about my blog but I informed one of my colleagues about this and asked her to be the first to view mine; my pre-launching. I did mentioned to her that I am going to launch my blog soon and she told me that I should have sort of celebration for that; the exact word is "makan-makan" (can be considered if I get the sponsor :p)

With the spirit I had after my prayer, I came back to my office with the holy intention of publishing my second posting and writing another. Unfortunately, when I typed the URL of my blog, the annoying Corporate Guardian page appeared and clearly stated that the site was blocked due to the 'low mentality' reason; chatting. Blog is considered as chatting!! Doesn't it sounds stupid?? I took immediate action by asking for clarification from my senior (new boss actually) about this and firmly informed her that blogging is nothing than writing your own diary virtually. She agreed with me and mentioned that she is a blogger too. I felt a bit relief when she told me that she will look into the policy about this and it gave me a little hope that everything will be back to normal soon. Honestly, it is just a very little hope and I am expecting the result; blogging will remains prohibited!

At the mean time, what I can do is just to pray to The Almighty hoping that people with pre-historic mentality will open up their minds and realize that they are in the 21st Century and no longer in the era of dinosaur; Before Century. I do pray that with the spirit of New Year in Hijr calendar, everything will better; at least back to normal.

May today be better than yesterday.

A Balanced Diet

It is hard for me to have a proper so-called 'balanced diet' but I managed to have it last few nites. Thanks to my close buddy for asking me to drop by at his place and enjoy the meal together....really enjoy the meal!! Furthermore, i was acting like a boss; sitting on the sofa at the living room watching news during the prime time while he did the cooking stuffs. :)

The meal was so simple but healthy and balanced with all nutrients that our body requires. I have to be more conscious of my diet after having my own health profile. Had a blood and urine test last few weeks and so surprised to learn that I have a little bit problem on my cholesterol. The HDL rate (better described as good cholesterol) is below than the average but LDL (bad cholesterol) in contrast is higher than the normal average rate.

Back to the 'balanced meal' I had last nite, the combination was so simple; vegetables with meat (high protein and low fat). We had baby carrots, broccoli and chicken fillets...well cooked with Chinese style; steamed. Tasted so nice with some oyster sauce and chicken stock.

Reached home around 11 pm and had oranges; my favourite!! Went to sleep after taking a quick shower....planned to read a new mag I bought last few days but after lying on the bed, I was lost in my sweet dreamland!!

Friday, 19 January 2007

New Year, Maal Hijrah - Muharam 1, 1428H

In the Gregorian Calendar, today is January 20, which means we are already 20 days in the year of 2007. Nothing much today as it is just another day in the calendar. But for us as muslims, today is the first day of our Hijr calendar; Muharam 1, 1428H. Today is our new year and today we start the new chapter in our life.

Some of us might not realize that today is the new year for Muslims around the globe as we are most of the time using the Gregorian Calendar. Again, today is a good day for us as the first day of Hijr calendar falls on Friday; the day called as 'Sayyidul Ayyam', which more or less contextual meaning as the most honoured day among all the days of the week. Please correct me if I am wrong or the meaning is out of context. I am not good in Arabic though. Anyway, the main point here that I would like to share is the first day in the Hijr Calendar for this year falls on Friday, 'Sayyidul Ayyam' in which means a lot and very significant in its context. I am not going to elaborate more on the concept of Sayyidul Ayyam but what I want to stress here is the significance of today as the first day of the year and also at the same time falls on Friday. two good things here; new year and Friday!

Well, I do not plan to write any longer as this is my first posting in my own blog. Been a passionate reader for a few blogs and I think with the spirit of new year and the barakah of Sayyidul Ayyam, this is a good move for me to have my own blog and share my thoughts, opinions, feelings etc. Wish everyone Maal Hijrah and may this year be better than the last. May our dreams, desires, and wishes be true and may we all be in the pink of health under the blessing of The Almighty; The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Happy New Year! Maal Hijrah!