Thursday, 17 May 2007

Watch out, I’m back!!

Today, May 17 is a brand new day to me. I don't know why but it's kinda strange feeling in me today; more energetic compared to the same day in calendar last month. It's really a different mood once I woke up and get off from my bed. Whatever it is, I feel so happy and thankful to The Almighty God for giving me the chance to breathe in this beautiful world.

Many things had happened to me in the last one month and those things made me to understand myself better. I'd say the last 30 days were the hardest time in my life for the last few years. Maybe I should make flashbacks to remind myself and record all the major events and incidents I encountered in the past 30 days. April 16 was the day I hardly forget so far. The day when I got my first major accident in my life. It was like a nightmare as me, myself still figure out how could I be at the accident spot that nite as that area wasn't my normal route back to my Kajang home. Maybe it was a destiny and a big lesson for me not to forget myself and where I come from. Thanks to all my friends and colleagues for your moral supports. May God blesses each and everyone of you.

Starting from the day after, I used to adjust myself to a new life; life without a car. To me, it was just like my old days when I rode my bike before I own a car. Luckily, I used to it as I moved around with bike before but it became a challenge as the bike was not moving at all for the past eight months after I purchased the car. Again, I believe that in our lifecycle, there are ups and downs, which we never know when will it happens. After all, it's a cycle and that is the rule and nature of a cycle.

The incident taught me of being more careful and love myself more than the things I own because I can at anytime (provided I got enough money) buy anything I wish to but not my own life. We never know when is our turn to complete our cycle and get back to our creator but the main point is to enjoy every moment in our life. Enjoy here can be interpreted in many ways but I'd prefer to say we fulfil each and every moment in our life by doing the right things.

It's not complete if I don't mention how I moved around without a car. Yeah, I rode a bike but when I was in KL I used to travel by Rapid KL bus and other public transports like Putra LRT, KTM commuter and KL Monorail. Kinda funny cos I always said that the publis transports especially the public bus is not reliable. Now I know that once you pay RM 2 for the inter-city bus, you can use it as many times you want for the same route. Honestly, the last time I used public bus in KL was the time when I studied in a boarding school in Jalan Yaacob Latiff (formerly known as Jalan Tenteram). That time, they called it as Intrakota, owned by DRB-HICOM under the late Tan Sri Yahya Ahmad.

Well, it has been a very long time I never update my blog and I think if I don't do it today then my blog will be another useless garbage in this virtual world. I got many articles that I wrote half way but I saved them in my folder. Unfortunately, I don't think I will publish them as most of them are obsolete and might be not relevant too in the current context especially all my movie reviews. I watched a lot of movies in the past 30 days and the latest was Next. Aha, one thing quite funny happened to me was the Spiderman mania. I had to queue in Mid Valley at 10.00 am in a very long queue just to survive two tickets for 5.30 pm show and just the third row from the screen. What the heck!

I got many things to do in my list now and the list grows longer and longer. Definitely, my blog is one of the main things in the list. Yeah, The Chronicles of Cacamarba Part II is on the way to be published. Watch out guys, I'm back!!!

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