Sunday, 20 May 2007

Blades of Glory

It has been a routine or maybe I should say it's a must for me to watch at least a movie during my weekends. So, yesterday after I had my favourite ''mee rebus'' (I think I'm addicted to it), I drove my car to One Utama; one of my favourite hanging places to spend my entire afernoon. Together with my friend, we decided to watch Blades of Glory at 12.20 pm show. A good choice actually!!

This movie is about two skating rivals; Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell), a sex maniac and Jimmy McElroy (Jon Heder), an orphan who's brought up in an orphanage centre but later was adopted by a successful talent searcher. In one major competition where both of them are competing, the judges give them equal points and they are tied to be the co-recipients for the gold medal. Unsatisfied with this, they had mouth war which turned to be an uncontrolled fight which resulted them to be punished by the sport's disciplinary board. The worst part is, both of them are banned for life in the sport and their gold medals were stripped away from them.

To make things worsen, Jimmy's 'adopted father' dumped him and left him alone to continue his life. Chazz on the other hand, works with a small production that producing threatre for kids. His life is considered as pathetic with no direction as he got drunk and was fired in one embarrassing occasion.

After three years, both of them accidentally met and had fight again. They were arrested and been put in a lock-up. Here came Jimmy's ex-coach who told them that they might have the chance to compete again in ther favourite sports despite the lifetime ban. They were actually banned from competiting in ther individual category but not the other categories in the game. So, the coach said they can still compete in skating; not individually but in pair category. This mean that they will be the first male pair to compete in the game.

I'd personally say that this movie is very funny and I really enjoyed watching it after Wild Hogs. As laughter is the best medicine, I'd suggest especially to my beloved colleagues to watch this movie as part of our stress theraphy and an option to get rid of the irritated cum insane 'monster'. Surprisingly, it worked effectively on me!!

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