Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Chronicles of Cacamarba: Part II

Cacamarba, a kingdom with full of vibrant, young and talented people are no longer the same as the previous Cacamarba. Since the new leadership changed and the helm was taken over by the Monstrous Queen, the kingdom is like in upside down; similar like Acheh after the great tsunami. The calm, harmony and peaceful Cacamarba is no longer exist and becomes part of the history. The democracy that all the while becomes the pride of this kingdom is totally dead with no tomb.

Under the dictatorship style of the new leadership, voices of people is never been considered and the decisions are made without taking the advices from all the ministers and barristers appointed in the cabinet of Cacamarba. Concensus decision as part of the strong culture in this kingdom is totally out of the box in the Monstrous Queen shallow mind and judgement. Not only that, most if not all of the good values inculcated and nurtured by the previous leadership are now been replaced by a new set of evil values introduced by this duplicate, inconsistent stupid queen. Nothing left except the anger, madness and demotivated people that still continue to live in this chaotic kingdom.

So pathetic as Cacamarba has all the resources - richness of ideas, numerous numbers of the smart, idealistic and enthusiastic young people who are willing to do anything to serve their beloved and highly respected Lady Queen for the betterment of the people in this universe. Other kingdoms in Merito have a very high regard to Cacamarba as their focal point to channel all the issues and problems they face because they have the trust that Lady Queen with the assistance of all the ministers and barristers will try at her very best to solve all the issues no matter what the hurdles and challenges are.

The understanding, caring, ability to listen and continuous efforts to improve her kingdom and others who directly deal with Cacamarba is again made Cacamarba and Lady Queen personally well respected by everyone including Lord of the Governance.

But now, all the nice things about Cacamarba are no longer exist and turned to be a nightmare like a bottle of unpleasant smelly fragrance formulated by The Monstrous Queen. People feel like puking whenever see her ugly scary face and not to say the time when she wants to hug others (ladies) like what Lady Queen always do before. People feel warm and comfortable when Lady Queen hugs them but the same feeling never exist even when The Monstrous Queen gets closer to them (don't say about hugging). The difference is like the sky and earth or a cute tame Persian cat in comparison with a fierce, mad and ugly Rottweiler dog.

People always said that Cacamarba under the leadership of Lady Queen is similar as Cordova, an active intellectual city before the Turk handed over to the enemy after they lost in a bloody war. And now, again, it is similar to the dead city of Cordova after the enemy ruled and governed. What a pathetic ending to the both cities, which at one time were glittering under the spotlight!

To be continued.....

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