Sunday, 20 May 2007

Nice body; health comes first!

I think I become more health conscious now. Yeah, it's true and I think I'm taking a good move by controlling my diet. It works anyway!

After two months working hard in the gym plus having controlled proper meals, I can feel the difference now. Last time, my was line was measured at 32.5 inches approximately but now it's only measured at 31 inches. An achievement and a good result to me personally. As a reward for the hard works, a nice brand new Levi's jeans is now belongs to me! Look good is not for showing off purposes but it builds and boost the level of confidence in us. The most important is in whatever we do, we should at the first place satisfy ourselves and fulfil our needs and then only come other parties to be considered.

These few months made me feel so great. I managed to tone up my body (at least I got the basic shape), increase my stamina tremendously and most important I look better especially on my tummy size. Aha, it;s true cos last time I felt that I sort of carry a three months premature fetus but now it seems like I just got abortion with a slimmer tummy. It is yet to achieve my goal but I can say I'm on the right track.

The most effective way to loss weight is by controlling the amount of calories we consume in a day. How to know how much calories that our body needs?? The article said the simplest way is by multiplying our mass (weight) with 12 and the weight measurement should be in lbs. Let say for my case, my weight is 68 kg = 150 lbs x 12 = 1800 (the measurement is in joules I think). So, in order to control my diet, I need to ensure that the calories I consume is not exceed 1800 (joules). This can only be done by having a good plan; distribute the calories equally with number of times you want to eat.

My diet planning is quite simple. Breakfast is a must no matter what but never go for heavy and unnecessary/unhealthy breakfast like nasi lemak and other high LDL cholesterol foods. When it comes to lunch, I'll certainly go for rice but the portion is small. Green vegetables should be included in bigger portion plus a meat; better chicken or fish. Together with that, plain water is required. When it comes to dinner, I'm quite choosy and rice is never in my list. Normally, if I'm alone 'capati' with juice will be my meal. A slice of capati is enough as we do not require more energy at nite. Yeah, nite is only the time for us to rest and let the body replenish energy. Unless you are married, the you might need more energy at nite!! hahaha For my case, there is no need for that though it's a Friday nite. :p No offence arr!!

Through my reading also, I discovered that those who consume slimming pills or other supplementaries without doing exercises (burning fats naturally) or in other words better described as abnormal and extreme technique is highly exposed to many diseases and side effects. Doctors said that though these people have slimmer and nice bodies, but the fats are still inside cos they never burn the fats. That is why the doctors said that those who are slim and have nice bodies still suffer the heart diseases and other illness which normally related to the fat guys. The problem is, the fats are still there and never been burnt. The appearance is nice but the danger are still there. No matter what our goals are, we still should do regular exercises to burn fats naturally despite from taking other supplementaries.

From my point of view as a conservative guy, I am still strongly believed in natural process as there is no shortcuts for doing so. It is just some mediums to speed up and boost the normal processes. It is your choice to achieve your goals but there are things that need to be considered along the way of making the decision. Once the decision has been made, it is hard to turn it back!!

Think carefully, decide wisely and act smartly!

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