Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Chronicles of Cacamarba: Part I

It has been more than two weeks since I last blogging. No updates and no articles posted. It was a tough moment to me considering I was trapped in a lost world called Cacamarba,one of the states in Merito. Cacamarba is governed and ruled by an ugly scary monstrous creature with split personality and inconsistent behaviours named The Monstrous Queen. Damn scary and no word to describe its behaviours. One thing is, this ugly and the most hatred creature and at the same time never ever been accepted in its own community is always talking nonsense with neither substances nor values. Not only that, to make it worsen she always made promises by promises to its Lord of the Governance. Unfortunately and too pitiful, all are empty promises to please Lord of The Governance.

Forget about Lord of The Governance (LOTG) as he is not involve in any dirty games, conspiracies or or any other bad behaviours as his loyal servant, The Monstrous Queen. Again, I have to mention that LOTG has no link or connection by any means to all the nasty actions and behaviours of The Monstrous Queen. Although LOTG has been nice to everybody but The Monstrous Queen feels that she is more calibre and has all the qualities to qualify her to be at the helm to rule Merito. Whatever it is, The Monstrous Queen always claim that she got all the orders direct from LOTG and not only that, she also claims to have direct access to the Lord of The Lords, the one and only who rules the Union of Glory that governs all the nations including Merito.

Her loyal assistant is an ugly virgin poodle (belongs to chien group) with bouledogue attitudes. This poodle together with the Queen's beloved pet, a Pekinese can be considered as judas in our community. For every Segunda-feira in Judaism calendar, the queen will call for a sitzung and everyone must with no excuse to attend this meeting. As usual and no shame at all, the queen will be late for the sitzung; made everyone wait like stupid idiots in the stanza di riunione. Although everyone feels stupid but they (*read as we) still have to wait with fear like rats as the queen is famously well known as the most cruel and inconsiderate but at the same time full of sarcasm in her manners. Once she steps in, the mood of in the stanza will automatically change to be so quiet, dull and unhappy as if everyone is in sorrow after a big earthquake.

To be continued….

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