Monday, 24 September 2007

Weekend during Ramadhan

Time moves so fast…unnoticed! Really!! I just realize it today after viewing my calendar. What to say, today is already 12th of Ramadhan and raya is just less than three weeks more to go. Ohh, I really hate to think about raya; not because I have to spend a lot for the kiddos' ang pau but the traffic flowing out from KL will be so terrible and nightmare. Experienced it last year and years before. Stranded in the middle of the North-South Expressway; somewhere in Tapah I think. Stop it! I really hate to recall those bad experiences I encountered. They really haunted me….

Yesterday as usual, I went for outing in One Utama for movie before heading to Standard Chartered Tower for my workout session. I didn't plan to buy anything but since I got 40 bucks vouchers from Nike, I just used them all to buy another tee; look nice and I just spent less than 50 bucks for such a nice Nike tee. Thanks to Sportsland. Well, I have another 50 bucks vouchers from Studio R. Let see what I can get with that amount. J

Felt a bit tired during my workout time; maybe due to dehydration but it couldn't stop me from enjoying my sweet workout time!! Well, just to mention here that I assume my workout rountines as usual during this holy Ramadhan and I feel more enthusiastic doing so. Fasting month is not meant to freeze all the routines and activities we normally do in other months. Ramadhan, conceptually can be defined as a school (madrasah) that educates (tarbiyyah) us to be better persons. Its true and I always belive that we should become stronger, more enthusiastic and highly spirit during this holy month but unfortunately, majority of Malays (always referred as Muslims in Malaysia although it's not 100% true) have different definition on this holy month. It's the month to spend more and waste money and other resources. It's the month that weaken us thus we have to sleep and rest more. I don't think this is the spirit and objective of fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan. Definitely, it's totally wrong!! Watch out, dude! I'm giving tazkirah here. J

Back to the main topic. After my two-hour workout session, went to the night market in TTDI. Too many things there especially varieties of foods and colourful delicacies and made me feel a bit stimulated. Anyway, I didn't back home empty handed but with a few small bags/containers of look-good foods (I couldn't taste them what!!). Whatever it is, I still missed my "kanji". Very very much……


Anonymous said...

Hey, blog kamu ni dah penuh dgn sarang labah2 ler sofuan.

Anonymous said...

Namapun Kota Tanah sebab tu cerita semua zaman lampau tahun 2007 kebawah

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